Game Logistics:

This campaign is pretty much by-the-book DCC RPG. We can make up house rules if needed.

If you haven’t played DCC RPG before, it’s a strange sort of game. It’s got a target audience of older players who remember and enjoyed the very early D&D editions. The rules are d20 based, and somewhat similar to D&D 3e. But the tone is more D&D 1e. They’ve tried to make the rules very simple. Gameplay is not very balanced, and so any given adventure will have a mix of encounters that may be too easy and encounters that can easily kill the whole party if they’re stupid (or unlucky). Death comes quick in DCC. The slogan of the game is “party like it’s 1974” which means this: Think of the fantasy novels that Gary Gygax was inspired by to write the early editions of D&D – the Conan and Elric books, things by Vance, etc. This game tries to evoke the feel of those novels, rather than the feel of the early D&D editions.

One good thing about these rules is that you can play the game without actually owning a rule book. Of course it’s nice to have one, but there are some handout cheat sheets that have enough of the rules to get you by. Also, there is a free mobile app from Purple Sorcerer called Crawler’s Companion, and not only does it have a dice roller for all the weird dice DCC uses (like who owns a d7, really?) it also has details on all the spells from the book, etc. So between the cheat sheets and the mobile app, most players really don’t need the rule book at all. I’ll have a copy to share if you want to look at it, though.

Since we’re a small group – on purpose, because my apartment is small – everyone’s probably going to always have two or maybe more characters. When one dies – and they will die, trust me – you’ll get 2 to 4 replacements a level or two lower. Then whichever of those lives long enough can become your regular character.

I’m going to mostly be running this campaign as a series of short independent adventures. I don’t have any grand schemes with in-depth political intrigue or anything like that. This game is meant to be fast and fun, well suited for an afternoon’s break from reality. There are a ton of good adventures for this game system, and they’re pretty inexpensive, so there will be enough of a campaign backstory to just barely tie the adventures from one to the next. I hope you enjoy it that way. Like the name says, this game is about old school dungeon crawls.

I’d like you all to come to the game with character in hand and ready to go, so we can dive right into the action. If you don’t already have two PCs fully ready, let me know and I’ll help you. If you’re new to the group, I’ll just hand you a few PCs at the first game, so it’s super easy to get started.

Location Logistics:

We’re meeting at my apartment in central Denver. The address here is 534 East 7th Avenue #201. That’s at 7th and Pearl. There is limited visitor parking outside the building in the alley between Pennsylvania and Pearl; just look for the signs, and please don’t park in the other residents’ spaces. There is also usually ample street parking on 7th, except on Friday night and Saturday night. If you want to ride a bike, let me know when you’re here and I can let you in to the locked underground resident parking. That’s where I keep my bike. Also, if you want to take the bus, we’re well served by the RTD 0 and 6 routes.

Regardless of how you get here, call me at 720-480-4890 when you arrive, and I’ll come let you in. Also, please call or text if you’re running substantially late or can’t make it, so the rest of us can start the fun without you.

Feel free to bring food or drink for yourself or to share. We usually have enough room in the fridge. There’s no smoking in our unit, and our smoke detector is pretty sensitive. I occasionally vape in the sunroom with the doors to the rest of the apartment closed, but in the middle of the summer is damned hot in there.

Myths of the Rust Hills

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