Myths of the Rust Hills

Nebin Pendlebrook's Perilous Pantry, Episode 1

Six weeks to the day after the exploration of the Portal Under the Stars, a team of villagers from Bitterweed Barrow assembled to go on a rescue mission for the town’s halfling, Nebin Pendlebrook. He’s been missing for a week or so, and the constable who went to investigate never returned.

Eight new villagers joined up with three somewhat seasoned veterans from the previous adventure, for a quest they’ll never forget. They found that Nebin’s pantry has stumbled into an underground complex with toad spiders, treacherous chasms, bats, skeletal hell hounds, and a mysterious gravity-defying water well. The group also found the ancient remains of a wizard who had fallen into a chasm (the same chasm that killed two of the party) and died.

The searchers learned that the constable was killed by the toad spiders, but footprints in the dirt indicate that Nebin made it deeper into the depths of the dungeon. Three villagers and a hen gave their lives in the search for Master Pendlebrook, so far. How many more must die to solve this mystery?


todd404 todd404

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