Myths of the Rust Hills

Nebin Pendlebrook's Perilous Pantry, Episode 2

The game resumed with the remaining villagers catching their breath after defeating the two-headed skeleton hounds. Onto the scene burst a thief and a cleric, survivors of the Portal Under the Stars, and looking more serious and deadly than ever.

The party explored to the north and found a magical mirror in a closet. To the south they found an old dwarven armory. And to the east was a door that revealed a north-south hall with Nebin’s top hat on the floor. The group traveled north, and entered a great hall, where they found Nebin — now changed in some way — seated on a throne on top of a skeletal tortoise. They parleyed with Nebin a while. He was happy to see them, and invited them to join him in his eternal quest to protect the treasure east of here.

That’s when the dwarven skeletons came to life and began to attack. The party’s cleric turned several of the attackers, including the skeletal tortoise holding Nebin. They attempted to flee while the rest of the humans destroyed the rest of the skeletons. The group eventually grappled Nebin and tied him up against his will, then slew the tortoise, too.

While the party caught their breath, one poor schmuck explored on to the south, alone. He found a dwarven pantry, with an unstable floor. Crossing the floor, he passed through a dwarf-sized hall that led into the kitchen. But as he went back across the unstable floor in the pantry, he tripped and alerted a giant slug, which came up from the ground and swallowed him whole. Before any of the rest of the party could react, the grub sank back into the depths of the earth.

The group then investigated the locked door to the east. There was a nearby alcove with three keys and some dwarven writing. The three party members who had been left in the magical fountain room were summoned and one of them read the dwarven runes. It was a riddle, and group decided the key with the symbol of cherries would be the one to use. The cherry key unlocked the door and the group proceeded into a long stairwell.

Along the right wall were four prisoner cells, where some apprentices of the great wizard Varooth Moss had been imprisoned by his enemy Moldark Zelroth. The group spent quite some time trying to decide whether — and then how — to release the prisoners. Eventually, the thief bought some thief tools from a party member who didn’t need them, and he used the tools to pick the locks on the cells.

From there, everyone, including the freshly-released prisoners, headed north up the long stairway. They passed through a strange portal and came out into a great cavern. In the center is a huge block of ice, and inside that ice is the form of a person with a frog head. The apprentices immediately recognized the person to be their master, Varooth.

That’s where the game ended.


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