Myths of the Rust Hills

Nebin Pendlebrook's Perilous Pantry, Episode 3

This game session picked up at the start of the grand finale of the “Nebin Pendlebrook” adventure. The party arrived in a great cavern, containing a wizard (Varooth Moss) in a block of ice. In response to Varooth scratching short messages on the floor, his four acolytes that had been freed from their prison cells moved the torches on the walls closer to the ice.

About that time, some of the rock rubble formed up into a stone behemoth, towering over the party. A few people tried and failed to read the runes on the floor, until finally one of the acolytes got it right. That accelerated the torches tenfold, and Varooth started to be freed.

Meanwhile, the stone behemoth attacked various party members, and also slammed his fists into the ceiling of the room, causing stones to fall down on the heads of everyone there. Varooth was released, and started using his magic wand to attack the stone behemoth, while everyone else attacked with a mix of melee weapons, ranged weapons, hand-held rocks, and magic.

Eventually the behemoth was defeated and the magic holding the stones together was broken. Two acolytes and one PC died in the battle. Another PC very nearly died, but was just knocked out.

Varooth and his remaining two acolytes stayed to dig their way back to the portal room, while the adventurers climbed out of the hole. After getting their story straight (not telling the whole truth to the villagers, as Varooth advised against revealing the portal’s existence until he could think over what to do about it), the group shared the bad news that the constable and Nebin both died from the giant spiders.

After resting up and buying some basic equipment, the group decided to travel to the Great City, by way of Inglebrook. The long journey was uneventful, and the PCs (minus Vala the Red, who decided to leave the group) made it to the Soiled Dove in Mustertown.

From there, they learned about the Sunken City, Sender, the sending stones, and The Lady who lives in a hovel. The Lady blessed them with ash marks on their foreheads, and said they needed to prove their mettle by going on an adventure into the Sunken City. The group bought more equipment, and then set out.

The group, including their purchased donkey carrying most of their gear, all touched the Sending Stone and were teleported into a large clearing. That’s where the Perils of the Sunken City adventure begins.


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