Myths of the Rust Hills

Perils of the Sunken City, Episode 1

The motley band of adventurers, having just stepped into a large clearing in the swamp, spotted a well-preserved marble arena. But as they made their way toward it, they encountered a pair of crocodillos. Fortunately, a group of four peasants appeared on the other side of the crocs, pinning them between the two parties. After dispatching the reptiles, the groups joined together and began to explore the arena.

They climbed up into the stands, and also explored a pavilion. Inside were the desiccated bodies of the long-dead wizard Madazkhan, and three of his guards. The party liberated them of some weapons and the Rod of Chains. Shortly after, something triggered a frenzy of magical activity. A dome of lightning separated the inside of the arena from the outside, cutting off the party members who decided to stay outside with the group’s donkey. And then angry ghosts started to rise up, attacking the party and tossing them into the arena.

In the arena, the party had to deal with several large steel orbs spinning around. If they hit someone, they would surely crush a leg or two, but fortunately everyone dodged. But also, there was a wall of spikes at the bottom of the sloped outer arena area. Most of the group negotiated the spikes, but one poor fellow was left impaled. Once down to the inner arena area, the group slid into the middle section until someone pressed one of the four panels that had carved tree images. That caused the force field holding the PCs up to disappear, and everyone fell down a shaft into the lower dungeon level.

The group fell into magical healing waters that restored all their hit points, and then had to fight eight skeletons. After defeating them, the part explored the area. They found a giant grotto with an underground river. They found a bath room with two giant slimes. They found a room with many clay pots, one of which released a poison gas when opened.

But where will the party head next? Tune in next time and find out.


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