Myths of the Rust Hills

Perils of the Sunken City, Episode 2

In the finale of Perils of the Sunken City, our budding heroes finished exploring the dungeon beneath the Arena of Madazkhan.

Bravely crossing the underground river in a boat made from a brazier, Gambit explored the island and the remains of a poor sole who had been trapped there. He gathered up a good pile of loot from there.

Progressing into Madazkhan’s inner sanctum, the group found a magic book, the exit from the dungeon, and a living statue of a tree, the idol of Malloc. A peasant died to satisfy Malloc’s desire for blood, but the group did get a very valuable golden goblet in return.

The party returned by way of the sending stone to Muster Town, and assessed their prizes. They resupplied for the next adventure, which will be for the group to travel to Blackwater Manor and confront the Cult of Athax. Four newcomers to the group are true Marked, and the others received an imposter mark on their foreheads so they can pass as a true Marked.

The game ended with the complete party being teleported to the top of a hill, where they encountered a small girl.


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