Vala the Red

Cleric of Gorhan, the Helmed Vengeance


Though she’s smart and lucky, nobody ever thought mousy Vala would amount to much. She’s weak, clumsy, and frankly has a personality that grates on people. Perhaps that’s why she spends so much of her time in quiet contemplation and prayer.

Formerly, she was a healer in the town of Bitterwood Barrow, making poultices to help the villagers with their occasional self-inflicted axe wounds and burns received while cooking potatoes. She received a vision one night that Gorhan himself was speaking to her and commanding her to go help find the town halfling. So she was first in line when volunteers were taken.

She took what she considers a key role in tracking down Nebin and the constable. Somewhere along the way, she found that she was able to channel magical energies granted from Gorhan, and now intends to use those powers for good. Assuming she doesn’t die in a weasel attack first.

Vala the Red is now a 1st level cleric.


Vala the Red

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