Myths of the Rust Hills

A Gathering of the Marked: Part 2 - The Manor

In this episode of Myths of the Rust Hills, our so-called heroes continued with A Gathering of the Marked. Having crossed the river to escape the shambling hordes and the great tentacled beast, they found that they were all truly marked. The fake marks that appeared on some of the party’s foreheads after using the Sending Stone turned into true marks, and now everyone feels compelled to gather.

The group decided to take the front approach to the manor, and encountered the following:

  • The Grasping Hands of Athax
  • Pits of Eldritch Ooze
  • Strangle Snakes
  • Beauregard the Swamp Ogre
  • Cooks and Fire Kobolds

Then the group headed upstairs. They quickly searched the second floor of the manor house, but found nothing interesting. With the characters poised to ascend the next staircase to the top floor, the game session came to a close.


todd404 todd404

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