Myths of the Rust Hills

A Gathering of the Marked: Part 4 - The Grove

This session marked the finale of the adventure “A Gathering of the Marked.” Our budding heroes emerged from the caverns on top of a high hill. There was a single encounter:

  • The Despoiled Grove

After defeating the head of the Cult of Athax and destroying their sacred statue, the party returned to Mustertown. Over the course of several days, they rested, sold off some treasure, bought new supplies, and gathered some clues.

These clues were related to two key elements needed to find the other half of the Rulership Rod, the first half of which was uncovered in the Portal Under the Stars adventure. The clues lead to two main things — the wood of a dryad’s tree and living fire.

The group decided to pursue the “living fire” first, and used the Sending Stone to travel to the somewhere near Arlingham Tower, reputed to be the home of Flaxxor the Pyromancer.


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