Myths of the Rust Hills

The Flame - Part 3 of "The Dryad and The Flame"

In this week’s adventure, the group played part 3 of the adventure “The Dryad at The Flame”. Part 3 is “The Flame”. Part 1 was researching in the Great City about the dryad and the flame. And the group hasn’t done Part 2 yet.

After teleporting deep into the old part of the Sunken City, the party encountered a trio of white apes in a rowboat. The apes pursued, and then came ashore. As they attacked from one side, another boatful of apes attacked from another side. The battle was fierce, and Woody the Warrior got his arm pulled off. He nearly bled out but was saved by a laying on of hands. And Luna the Wizard also was attacked and nearly bled out, but was also saved at the last minute.

All the apes were defeated except one, who was left to sleep on the causeway while the party were whisked up and into the tower of Flaxxor the Pyromancer. In the tower, they parleyed and made a deal. The wizard would give them a source of living flame in return for ridding the area of a family of weasels. The group thought of a dozen ways to get rid of the weasels, but in the end flooded them out of their den into the water of the swamp, thanks to a 30 gallon bucket the group has been carrying around. In return, true to his word, Flaxxor gave the party a magical geode that produces intense fire.

The party then returned to Mustertown.

Meanwhile, in another part of the world, a group of 12 promising young heroes was selected by the elders of a tribe of primitive hunters and gathers. They were sent on a mission to explore two tunnels that were recently revealed to go into the Ghost Ice. Were the demons that legend says were in the ice killed? Released?

The 12 gathered up their gear and set out, reaching the cliff of ice. They scaled the cliff. One of the group fell to his death, sadly, but the others gained entry into the left tunnel.


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